Groupshow in “Ausstellung für Papa” exhibition in Art Kolkhoz Gallery in Vienna

DER LETZTER SOMMER exhibition in Ars Pro Dono Gallery in Berlin

Groupshow in "Austellung für Mama" exhibition in Semperdepot, Vienna

Groupshow in ZALUU Ulaan Ude

Groupshow in RUNDGANG Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Groupshow in Nice to meet you Exhibit her Vienna


Participated in Art Revolution Taipei exhibition

Made jewelry collection for Zagg Accessories

Solo exhibition “My blue home” in Artryad Gallery


Participated in animation festival ‘The secret room’

Winner of youth forum ‘World in conflict’ fine arts nomination


Articipated in exhibition ‘Autoportrait’ in Bardamov Gallery

Participated in the Youth Exhibition of the Artists' Union

Personal exhibition ‘Berry minded’ museum Sampilova in Ulan Ude city

Personal exhibition in ‘Berry minded’ Art Gallery of Asia in Ulan Ude city

Book publication - catalog of paintings ‘Berry minded’

Group exhibition ‘Last Image Show’ in Tanzania


Held a presentation in ethnomarket “Zam”

Personal Exhibition in ethnomarket “Zam”

Took part in exhibition “Ekholot’ in Irkutsk city

Took part in exhibition “Tribe 17” in London city

Was a finalist in international festival by Russian Geographic Community and made a graffiti in Moscow


Winner of the annual award for painting n. Merdygeeva

Illustrated Galsan Nazarov’s book “Kukla”

Illustrated Shaman calendar by Ulyana Radnaeva